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- Interested in learning more about wine in an entertaining but informative way?
- Want to enjoy a fun social gathering with friends or family?
- Looking for a fund-raising event for your charity?
- Seeking to add a spark to a team building or client entertainment event?
- Or just need to know which wines to select for that special meal or occasion?

Then welcome to Passion4Wine Ltd, dedicated to instilling a passion for wine through enlightenment, entertainment and enjoyment of the sovereign of drinks. Use the links to find out more and discover a service that will help to develop your own passion for wine.

Passion4Wine Services - Consultancy

Passion4wine Consultant

Are you confused by the range of wines on offer in supermarkets and wine merchants and unsure what to select for a special event or meal?  Or do you want assistance in finding wines that meet your particular tastes? Then I can help by providing advice on the selection and sourcing of the best wines to suit the occasion and meet your budget.

Do you want to learn more about wine, either in preparation for taking a qualification or just to enhance your own knowledge?   I can provide individual tuition to help you learn the basics or to develop a more specialised knowledge base.


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Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

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Wine Tastings

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Wine Tastings


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