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- Interested in learning more about wine in an entertaining but informative way?
- Want to enjoy a fun social gathering with friends or family?
- Looking for a fund-raising event for your charity?
- Seeking to add a spark to a team building or client entertainment event?
- Or just need to know which wines to select for that special meal or occasion?

Then welcome to Passion4Wine Ltd, dedicated to instilling a passion for wine through enlightenment, entertainment and enjoyment of the sovereign of drinks. Use the links to find out more and discover a service that will help to develop your own passion for wine.

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About Passion4wine

Passion4Wine offers a number of events that are suitable for both corporate and private audiences. Here are some examples.

A Competitive Wine Tasting starts with a tutored tasting including guidance on tasting techniques and the characteristics of each wine. The audience is divided into teams, with some of the remaining wines served ‘blind’ and the teams score points by correctly identifying information about each wine. Ideal for team building and client events!

Call My Bluff” Wine Tasting: after some initial guidance on wine tasting techniques, wines are served ‘blind’ with two alternate descriptions given for each one. Teams are invited to identify the correct description along with other characteristics of the wines. Lots of fun and can create a very competitive environment!

Food/Cheese & Wine Matching: the tutored wine tasting is enhanced by serving selected nibbles, canapés or cheeses to compliment specific wines. This really can bring out the flavours in both the wine and the food and may give you some ideas for planning your next dinner party.  I also partner with restaurants and caterers to host matching food and wine events.

Wine Tasting & Quiz Combo: A popular event featuring a combined Wine Tasting and Quiz.  This could be an integrated event whereby the wines and quiz are linked to a common theme (e.g. a country) or a two part event with a tasting and a separate quiz.  I also organise General Knowledge Quizzes for fund-raising or other events – get in touch to find out more.


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Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

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